Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Space and volum

 Next video is about Alexander Calder work, sculptures and mobiles. Let's see!

 The next one is about  Pablo Gargallo,an important spanish sculptor:


The line and the plane can draw the space.  We just need to find an sculptural line with wich it could be possible to leave the paper. We must think about a simple material as a rope, a wire or a thin wood.

A piece of wire, for example, could draw the space and transform a simple line in a shape. So, we can create tridimensional and opened structures.


 We are going to start drawing the space using our imagination. We can take a wire and  build geometric shapes (squares, circles or figuratives forms) like faces or objects.

Artistic drawing

To draw organic forms, we can divide the process of drawing into three phases:

1º Sketching

2º Development
3º Detail


Now, all of you must draw a still life using a black paper as a blackground.

 Most of you have done very nice drawings. Let's see :

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