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Artistic Drawing

We will start the course

Artistic styles
3 artistic styles, degree of iconicity:

  • Realism: Images and pictures try to copy the reality. Hiperrealism.
  • Figurative (representational art): Images and pictures interpret the reality.
  • Abstract: Images and pictures use lines, arcs, shapes, colours, textures... and you can not recognize the reality but emotions, dreams, feelings...

In the next video you can see the way to draw a realistic hands:

Artistic drawing


To use linear perspective an artist must first imagine the picture surface as an “open window” through which to see the painted world. Straight lines are then drawn on the canvas to represent the horizon and “visual rays” connecting the viewer’s eye to a point in the distance.
The horizon line runs across the canvas at the eye level of the viewer. The horizon line is where the sky appears to meet the ground.
The vanishing point should be located near the center of the horizon line. The vanishing point is where all parallel lines (orthogonals) that run towards the horizon line appear to come together like train tracks in the distance.

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